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Let's Stop the Early Sport Specialization Madness

When is it the right time to commit to one sport year round?

    Keeping Your Email Address CURRENT, in the MRC System

    Updating your email address is simple and will allow you to receive all the current information and updates on everything MRC....Sports...Activities ....Fundraisers... Township Events and Programs.

    You only need to log into your account (using old email address or email address associated with your account). Next, click "Account Settings" and then "Edit Email Address", updating the account with your New or Preferred Email Address.

    Thank you for your support and continued interest in MRC.

    If you accidently unsubscribed, click below to add you email back to the system.

    ADD my email back to the MRC Constant Contact Database


    MRC Sports also communicate to their participants by email linked through our registration systems.