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Marlton Street Hockey

Erik Hilliard

MRC Hockey Commissioner




Tournament/Travel Street Hockey Program

Registration is Closed; Teams are in the process of being selected!


After reading, please send all questions to

Tournament (or Travel) hockey is changing this year. If your child has played before or as a family considered playing in the past but felt the commitment was too grand, please read the remaining text as tournament hockey is changing for 2016 with shortened schedules and other adjustments that might be interested.

The goal of the Marlton Chiefs Tournament Street Hockey program is to offer the desiring player the opportunity to both learn and play the game at an elevated level.  Offering higher level of instruction as well as competition, the tournament program focuses on developing the entire player from not only a skills standpoint but from a mental and team based standpoint.


Coaches will be selected by a Division General Manager:

Cadet:  Steve Wallace

Beaver:  Mike Tarzy (also serving as Tournament Director)

Penguin: Erik Hilliard (Hockey Commissioner)

….and approved by the Tournament Board consisting of the above three members.

The players will be selected by the general manager and head coaches forming a committee of coaches to watch the interested players play in recreation games along with a couple of try outs.

Try out nights will be Monday, December 7th and TBD (Friday, the 11th has. Please check the website for exact times and rink locations for each division.

Attending try out nights are NOT mandatory to be considered for a team, but are highly recommended to attend at least one.

Players are NOT to wear past tournament jerseys to the try out and should bring a dark and light jersey/shirt.

The amount of teams selected will depend on numbers that try out. The last few seasons have had three teams selected for each of the divisions.

The 2016 season will consist of at least three (3) local tournaments as well as at least one (1) away tournament.

The local tournaments are as follows:

  1. Marlton 3/17 to 3/20 (To be confirmed)
  2. GTHA – 4/21 to 4/24
  3. Bellmawr NATIONALS - 5/11 – 5/15

The away tournament is as follows:

  1. Pittsburgh/Penn Hills - 4/8 to 4/10 (Confirmed)

We hope to add another local tournament as well as another away tournament and details will follow as soon as they are available.


As compared to past years the time commitment for 2016 will be significantly LESS. The travel will also be nearly cut in half.  Each local tournament will consist of 4 days of play Thurs-Sun and will guarantee each team a minimum of 4 games (was only 3).


All teams will compete in a single bracket for points games after which rules have been put in place to create two sets of playoffs where teams will compete for an upper level and secondary level champion. If there are not enough teams all teams will compete in one bracket.


The 2016 Tournament Fee will be  $  140   to include uniforms (2 jerseys, shorts, and a jacket) and the entry fee for the four tournaments above.


Teams have been Notified.

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2014/2015 Winter Rec Season CHAMPIONS

Another great winter rec season has come to a close. Thank you to all the families, coaches, volunteers that make street hockey the best organization in Marlton!!

Congratulations to the Champions in each division!!!

Penguin Calder - Chuck Kelly's Oilers
Penguin Stanley - Vince Berretta's Avalanche
Beaver Calder - Bob Long's Penguins
Beaver Stanley - Joe Schooley's Seals
Cadet - Steve Hoagland's Ducks

Penguin Calder Cup Champions

Penguin Stanley Cup Champions

2014/2015 Beaver Stanley Cup Champions (Schooley Seals)

Beaver Stanley Cup Champions

Beaver Calder Cup Champions