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Ken Wright Cup

Ken Wright Cup

Long time Marlton Street Hockey coach Ken Wright was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Esphogael cancer.  Nanci and Kenny are both self-employed and we all know how hard it is to just have the courage to fight cancer, let alone worrying about where the money is coming from to pay your bills. 

Marlton Street Hockey will be hosting a weekend of pre-season games to raise funds to help out the Wright family.  All divisions will have games on both Saturday and Sunday.  Each player who donates $15 will receive a T Shirt.  In addition, the snack stand proceeds as well as money raised from the Speed Shot will be donated to the Wrights.

We ask all of our players and parents to donate whatever they can.  

Date of Event: NOVEMBER 26 & 27....

Location: Marlton Hockey Rinks

Thanks to all.

MRC Street Hockey