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Kessler Field Parking Policy

03/26/2017, 10:45am EDT
By Marlton Baseball

Kessler Field Parking Policy


NO ONE should be parking in the lot next to the building during practices and games. 

NO ONE should be parked in the driveway in the rear of the building during practices and games.

NO ONE should drive up to the shed to get supplies during practices and games.

All cars should be parked in the lot in the outfield or parked legally on the street.  This is an MRC rule and a safety issue because children will be playing on the paved parking area during practices and games and we don't want someone to get hurt.  If anyone is parked in that area, the practice or game will be stopped until all cars are moved.  Repeated violations will result in coaches being suspended.  The gates on both sides of the building should be closed during practices and games.

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