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About Us

MRC Sports Unity Program Mission Statement

The Marlton Rec Council Sports Unity Program provides the opportunity for athletes with special needs to participate in organized sports.

For many of our athletes, this is their first opportunity to play in an organized sports program. In addition to exposing the players to an experienced coaching staff, the SUP incorporates teens and young adults who work each week with the athletes as hands-on buddies. With over 500 athletes registered in multiple sports and registration rapidly growing, there is always a constant need for buddies and community support.

The Sports Unity Program is part of the Marlton Rec Council and is designed for special needs children in Evesham Township and the surrounding areas. SUP invites children, ages 5-21, regardless of skill or ability, to learn game-specific skills and play team sports. The program focuses on inclusion, building  self- esteem, and providing a fun and safe atmosphere for all.

This program is run entirely by volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and community, the program is free to all participants including registration, equipment, and uniform fees. 

MRC Sports Unity Program Board & Coordinators


Mark vonBerg, Commissioner, Buddy Leadership Coordinator
Jim Cucinotta, Asst. Commissioner, Adult Program Coordinator
Jenn Williams, Asst. SUP & Adult Program Coordinator
Dave Quatresols, Asst. Commissioner
Mike Kehoe, Treasurer
Dave Drummond, Safety Director, Basketball Coordinator
Susan Quatresols, Esq.,  Counsel
Megan Cucinotta, Secretary
Erica Hunter, Event,  Sponsorships, and Website Coordinator
Suze Abate, Buddy Coordinator, Team Snap Coordinator
Peter Gillin, Equipment Coordinator    
Kelly Miller Cheerleading Coordinator
Craig Barlow, Football Coordinator
Jim Cucinotta, Fall Ball Coordinator, Volleyball Coordinator
Pete Gillan, Asst Fall Ball & Basketball Coordinator
Ed Hartzell, Soccer Coordinator
Debbie Stipa, Asst Soccer Coordinator
Trevan Houser, Street Hockey Coordinator
Dave Quatresols, Track Coordinator
Breanna Gleason, Swimming Coordinator
Jamie Kaplan, Social Media Coordinator