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About Us


Purpose of our club

Marlton Girls Lacrosse is committed to the student-athletes of our community by creating a preeminent Lacrosse program. It shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community, the idea of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority; so that they may be well-adjusted, stronger and happier individuals and grow to be decent, healthy and trustworthy adults. To organize for competition all youth lacrosse teams in Marlton so that the prestige of lacrosse and the growth of the game will be perpetuated.

Club Vision

Marlton's vision for the future is to become the best lacrosse organization in South Jersey.
  • To work with the youth of the community in conjunction with the township recreation department, school board, and business leaders to provide an educational aspect of the sport. 
  • To expand our program to include participation from more grade levels. 
  • To expand and support the Marlton Recreation Summer Lacrosse program. 
  • To support our youth in fulfilling their level of play and achieve their personal goals. 
  • To provide feeder programs and in increasing the competitive level of play of our local High School teams. 
  • To challenge teams on a competitive level in and outside our county and state. 
  • To provide opportunities to Malton members to play lacrosse at the college level. 

South Jersey Youth Lacrosse

Marlton Girls Lacrosse is a member of South Jersey Youth Lacrosse.  You can visit their website at



Holly Wall

Girls Lacrosse Commissioner