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Coaching Information

League Game Day information

*All teams and coach contact information is entered into the Zebraweb system. Rosters with jersey numbers are entered and you can print out to take to your game. 

All Head coaches have access to Zebra web and was send a user name and password from Zebraweb. If other coaches need/ want access, let me know**


 IMPORTANT: Schedule as of 3/7 is the final schedule 

This is the link you can give to parents:   

Parents can view the schedule and field directions from this link.  They can also view results and standings during the season here.  This will always be the most up to date schedule! 

ZebraWeb Contacts - copy both your age group contact, me and Roz when you need to reschedule a game. 

 14U Kim Bunting ( and CC Roz Gill (

 12U Reese Giddins ( and CC Roz Gill (

 10U Suzanne Phalines ( and CC Roz Gill (

  8U Suzanne Phalines ( and CC Roz Gill (

            1) Whenever possible, the decision to "Postpone" a game should occur at least 4 hours prior to start time. Because of the early morning start at 8U, 8U coaches should be in contact with each other, and officials, the evening before the forecasted inclement weather to determine a decision time.

            2) Log on to ZebraWeb and enter into " Sports Officials Assigning System"

            3) Hover your mouse over "Games" in the green pull down menu and select "Postpone game(s)" from the pull-down. 

            4) Select your town and enter the date and hit submit - the schedule for all your games will appear ***NOTE- make sure you look at where the games are being played and not to postpone a game that's not on your field.

            5) Check the postpone box next to the games you are postponing, enter the reason and any additional comments and hit postpone ***At this point all coaches and officials that are affected by this game should get a text and an email showing the postpone and your reason***

            6) If the postponement was made within 24 hours, a phone call to the officials and coaches is to be made.   Email should be sufficient with more than 24 hours notice.

            7) Work out the details of the new date, time, and location (if necessary) with the other teams and follow the procedure listed above for change to scheduled games.

            8) Once the schedulers confirm that the officials can be assigned according to the new game details, the change will be made to the "Postponed" game.

2. A best practice as the HOME team is to email the other team coaches to confirm the games,  and location. All the information for other towns are located on Zebraweb.


Start Date for 2018 Season is Sunday, March 24th

·       8U:  starts 4/6, playing Easter Weekend 4/20. Have 5/18 built in an open weekend for make-ups/additional games (6 weeks of games)

·       10/12/14U:  will play 8 weeks of games. We play on Mothers Day 5/12. If you cannot field a team postponement must be made 2 weeks prior! Game postponing will take a forfeit if it cannot be made up. PLAN FOR GAMES ON MOTHERS DAY

·     Game Rules: cannot win by over 10 goal spread - $100 fine

·     If a team is leading by 4 goals, the opposing team can choose possession and not take the draw.  8U and 14UA excluded.

·     coaches MAX on the sideline

·     Spectators need to be on the field opposite the bench (unless stadium situation)

·     Bathroom should be open at fields

·     Extra balls on end lines if open space behind

·     Yellow, orange or lime green balls - NOCSAE approved/stamped

·     Bring a copy of team roster to games

·       Need table, chairs, timer, horn, and scoreboard. Make sure the home team has a score reporting sheet at the table that is signed by coaches and officials following each game.  


Field Day Kits-  Pick up when you have a HOME game.  Field day kits will be placed outside on Saturday mornings (8U) and Sunday mornings (10, 12, 14U) at Mike's house. His address is 12 Eustace Terrace. He is 1 minute from Cherokee! There are 3 field day kits. Mike will have them stocked each weekend with what is needed for games. This includes the rules and score reporting sheets. Please return kit on Sunday so Mike has time to replenish.

**Sundays- 12 & 14U coaches, if you are picking up a kit you may need to drop that kit off to a modified field for a 10U game** Please communicate so all teams have a kit at their field** 


Officials Fees *** Myself or your league coordinator will meet up with you this week to give you the money for the ENTIRE season*** 

8U and 10U – 1 Referee/game - $60 for Round Robin ($30 per official of a head to head) * So, for each Sunday you play 2 games, you bring $60 with you. That is your fee for both games* Pay the 1 referee $60. 

12U and 14U – 2 Referees/game - $120 for Round Robin ($60 per official) * So for each Sunday you have 2 games, you bring $120 with you and pay 1 referee the $120 or pay referees $60 each. That is your fee for both games**

Coach Registration/Certification


 COACH Registration Requirements

US Lacrosse membership is included with your MRC coach registration


All Coaches are now required to register for the sport you would like to coach. If you have multiple children, you will need to register for each division separately so that when division coordinators run their report your name will be recognized and considered.  There is no cost at this time.

Registering does not guarantee a coaching position.

All Sport Board Member are required to register as a volunteer for their Sport each season if they will not be a coach.


Coaches/Sport Board Volunteers will need to add their individual profile to their family account; including Legal Name, Date of Birth, Address and proper contact information. Your spouse can not register on your behalf.

US Lacrosse Online Courses

Among the most popular courses offered: Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching (boys’ and girls’ courses) Level 2 Coaching (men’s and women’s courses) How to Make Proper Contact (men’s) Fundamentals of Goalkeeping (men’s and women’s courses) Rules Tests (for youth and high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse) US Lacrosse member or returning customer? Simply use your US Lacrosse login information to get started today. New to US Lacrosse e-learning, no problem.

US Lacrosse Coaching Development

The US Lacrosse Coaching Development Program provides you with all the tools you need to be a successful coach. Learn more about the US Lacrosse Coaching Development Program.

Among the most popular courses offered:

  • Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching (boys’ and girls’ courses)
  • Level 2 Coaching (men’s and women’s courses)
  • How to Make Proper Contact (men’s)
  • Fundamentals of Goalkeeping (men’s and women’s courses)
  • Rules Tests (for youth and high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse)

US Lacrosse member or returning customer? Simply use your US Lacrosse login information to get started today. New to US Lacrosse e-learning, no problem.

US Lacrosse Level 1 Clinics


2019 Coach Meeting

Sunday, February 24th

MRC Building; 15 Oak Ave

6:00-6:30 pm: New coach information session. Coaches who are new to our program and new to the game of lacrosse.

6:30-8:00 pm: ALL Coach meeting. (agenda will be sent out this week)

Coaching Requirements

MRC: Information & MRC Coaching Requirements are located on this site. 

Registering does not guarantee a coaching position.

South Jersey Youth Lacrosse Leauge Requirements:

ALL coaches must complete the ONLINE Level 1 course prior to the start of the season.

ALL coaches must complete the US Lacrosse background check in addition to the one required by MRC prior to February 15th.

US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse, has begun offering all adult coach members the option to initiate a free background screening as part of their membership benefits. To initiate, adult coach members should log into their US Lacrosse account and select “Background Check” under Quick Links.

14U A Head Coach must have Level 1 certification prior to the start of the season. This is a live instructional clinic offered by USL.  

It is strongly encouraged that all coaches attend the March coaching clinics. These are offered to enhance your knowledge of girls lacrosse. 

All coaches are strongly encouraged to take live and online courses offered by US Lacrosse.


2019 Coach Clinics

2019 Coach Clinics- Strongly Encouraged!

March 4, 11, 18 and 25


Marlton Field House 

March 4th: Rowan's Women's Lacrosse Team Coaches

March 11th: Learn the basics! All Coaches welcome

March 18th: SJS;  KC Knobloch and Colleen Hancox- Defense

March 25th: Goalie Training with Bob Henderson


2019 Season

8U: Games start April 6th with 6 weeks of games

10U, 12U, and 14U: Games start March 24th.

NO Games on Easter weekend.

Level 1 US Lacrosse certification required for the 14A coach.

US Lacrosse Rules Interpretation Meeting:  March 7th @ 7:00 pm at Lenape High School.

IDEA Coaching

Introduce the skill

Demonstrate the skill

Explain the skill

Attend to players practicing the skill


Introduce the Skill - Gather your players together, make sure your players can hear and see you, and most importantly, make sure you have their attention. 

Capture their attention with a story that relates to the skill they are just about to learn or with a quick contest. For ext the skill correctly. 

Once you have their attention, introduce the skill by naming it, and most importantly, explaining the importance of the skill as it relates to the game. If a skill does not have meaning to a player, he or she will not understand how it will make him or her become a better lacrosse player.

Demonstrate the Skill - Repeated demonstration will increase players' retention. Again, make sure all players can SEE and HEAR you. Demonstrate the skill with both hands, but also from different angles so each player can easily follow your demonstration. 

Explain the Skill - While you are slowly demonstrating the skill, verbally explain what you are doing with your hands, feet, body, and stick. 

Young players have short attention spans, so only spend a few minutes explaining the skills before allowing the players to practice it. 

You can check how much your players have learned by asking them to walk you through performing the skill. Pick one or two players to demonstrate the skill in front of the group. 

Attend to Players Practicing the Skill - The next step is to attend to players while they are practicing the skill. It is important to get an idea of what your players retained from your lesson. This will help you structure future lessons and will allow you to get an idea of what is most important to communicate to your players. 

Allow your players to practice the skill individually or with a partner.

Walk around and physically guide the players that need help, keeping in mind that your positive reinforcement will help players better learn the skill. 

You can ask each player questions about the skill he or she is performing to get an idea of how much they retained from your lesson.

Coach Resources




The PCA Grant program has been eliminated because we will be offering additional member benefits as of January 2, 2017, all USL “Coach Members” will have FREE access to all of the online PCA Courses listed below (specific details on accessing these courses through to come):


  • Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons
  • Double-Goal Coach®: Culture, Practice and Games
  • Double-Goal Coach®: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors 
  • Second-Goal Parent®: Developing Winners in Life Through Sports 
  • Triple-Impact Competitor®: A Leadership Workshop for Athletes
  • Honoring the Game: The Official's Role in Creating a Positive Youth Sports Cult


Coaches Education Update

US Lacrosse Coaches Development department is updating their business model to streamline efficiencies, reduce overhead and ultimately simplify the clinic request process. This will build in more flexibility for coaches to meet the instructional clinic component to certification and provide more options for local clinic delivery. They are also aligning their curriculum with the athlete development initiative, resulting in the right lacrosse at the right time, providing a better playing and coaching experience for all.  Look for more details at LAXCON in January.



Link to Concussion Awareness Resources on our website -

Chapters and Leagues can easily create  a Head’s Up page on your website -



US Lacrosse Mobile Coach

Coaches Corner


US Lacrosse Mobile Coach

Mobile Coach gives you access to over 200 Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse drills, complete with diagrams and videos on your desktop computer, iphone or Android device. Users can sort by skill level, gender, and even the skill they want to teach their players.

Coaches of all levels will benefit from USL Mobile Coach, but it may be most assuring to part-time youth or high school coaches who balance the demands of full-time employment and parenthood. The software contains drill diagrams and explanations as well as video demonstrations and actual game footage that illustrate various concepts.

Click here to learn more.

US Lacrosse Coaches Drills Archives

There are a number of drills available on the U.S. Lacrosse website in both print and video formats. Click here to access the page.

Printing USL Membership Cards

Click here to view instructions for printing USL Membership Cards with Coaches’ Certification Levels.


Shooting Drill

Check out the link below for a great team shooting drill. 



3/4 General Training Plan


3/4 Draw N Pump Training Plan

3/4 Score Any Cage Training Plan

3/4 Slalom Dodge Training Plan


3/4 ZZ Cradle Training Plan