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Weather Restrictions

Marlton Street Hockey Weather Restrictions

The league commissioner or the division coordinator will decide if games can be played due to weather conditions. 

Once a game begins only the league commissioner, division coordinator, or referee have the authority to suspend, stop, or postpone the game for weather or safety.

If a game is suspended due to darkness, safety, or inclement weather, the game will be considered concluded, if 2 full periods were completed before the suspension.

Suspended or postponed games (games with less than 2 completed periods) will resume on an agreed upon date and time starting from the time the stoppage occurred, with the same score, to its conclusion.

At any time during a game or practice, if lightning is observed, the game/practice will end immediately.

Games may be played in light rain (safety permitting) but not in heavy rain or snow.

In order to minimize cold weather injuries and prevent frostbite on our players, the following restrictions are established:

- No practices or games will be played when the ambient air temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (Any wind condition).

-  No practices or games will be played when the Wild Chill Factor is at or below -5 degrees Fahrenheit.