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Q: We do not live in Marlton, can we play?

A: Yes, we have kids from the surrounding towns that do not have programs.  All you have to do is create an account using your email in our registration system.

Q: I registered, what is next?

A: Penguin & Beaver only will attend a ratings/evaluation night around the 2nd week of Oct. Then the player Drafts. Coaches notify parents the last few days of October. Freshman teams are drafted just prior to Thanksgiving and will be notified by then.

Q: Can I request my son play with his friend?

A: Sure, but we are not able to support requests due to the size of the program and the draft process. Sorry, thanks for understanding!

Q: Will my son and daughter play on the same team?

A: If they are in the same division, siblings will be on the same team!

Q: I tried to sign up and there were no spots left?

A: We never like to turn away a player, however, by draft time the number of teams are set which limits the maximum number of players in that division.

Q: I unfortunately signed up late, when will I be notified by our coach?

A: After teams are selected, late registrations are usually notified within a couple of weeks. This allows us to see if any players already on a team get hurt, need to quit, etc. and we can keep the numbers on each team balanced. We ask for patience in assigning your child to a team. Request cannot be honored.

Q: Can my Child Play-Up or Down a Division?

A: We do not allow players to play out of their division for many reasons. The only exceptions are 15 Year olds are eligible to play in the Freshman Division. Girls are eligible to play down 1 year.

Q: My daughter would like to play, what are the age restrictions?

A: Girls can play an extra year in each division. So, 10 year olds can play Penguin, 13 years old in Beaver, etc.


Q: Is my child required to wear certain equipment?

A: YES, safety first! Please visit the Equipment page to find out what you need. Sticks are sold at the rink.

Q: Can my child use a MYLEC helmet (they are stylish!)?

A: No, they are not HECC certified (big sticker on the back) and all helmets are required to be HECC certified.

Q: My kid gets hot while on the rink, can she take off her helmet?

A: No, sorry. Helmets must always be worn when on the rink and bench area.

Q: Will the equipment be provided for my child?

A: No. It must be purchased. A jersey will be provided (and they are NICE!) But if this is an issue, please email

Q: My son would like to try goalie. Do I need to buy equipment?

A: No. We do have goalie equipment that can be borrowed for all of the divisions

Q: Is Checking allowed?

A: No, however there is some incidental contact and players will bump for positioning in front of the net. There is some shoulder to shoulder contact in the corners as players try to win the ball. Checking is a minor or major penalty.


Q: When does the season start? When does it end? (for winter)

A: Starts with practices beginning of November; games begin in December, ends in February; Chipmunks start mid-November when games begin. Teams will be notified in the last week of October.

Q: When do Chipmunks (4 to 6) play?

A: Chipmunks play on the weekends only; typically, in the morning, early afternoon. Practices and games are combined in the same session.

Q: What about everyone else, when do we play?

A: Penguin, Beaver, and Cadet play on weekends and weeknights. There are no set days/nights. Penguin games usually are not scheduled to start later than 6pm. Weather (SNOW) has helped manipulate the schedule in the past when getting make up dates scheduled. Freshman play Tue/Thu nights.


Q: I'd like to coach, what do I need? (BTW, we always need coaches, head and assistants, so thanks for volunteering!)

A: A great attitude and a Rutgers Coaching Certification, Current Background Check and Concussion Certification at the minimum. Check the MRC Coaches Page for the requirements.


Payment Policy

  • The MRC only accepts Visa, Mastercard, or debit cards as form of payment. We are eliminating checks in an effort to streamline our processes. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Transfer policy

  • Players transferring from one sport to another during the same season must satisfy financial obligations to the new sport and await a refund from the sport the player is leaving.

  • There will be no transfer of registration fees from one sport to another.

Refund Policy:

  • May be pro-rated until close date 9/30

  • Will be pro-rated after close date 9/30